Ukunili Ukulele Leather Pick Soft Genuine Leather

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  • Top Grade Ukulele Picks- These Ukulele Picks help deliver authentic sound of your ukulele.Don't make a percussive sound like the plastic and metal picks when it hits the ukulele strings.
  • Genuine Leather- They made of durable genuine leather that help bring mellow authentic sound as well as withstand rigors of everyday use.This time-proven picks exceed most of felt picks.
  • Soft and Comfortable- Gets softer during use while never too much. The leather ukulele picks touches soft and comfortable,do not scratch your ukulele. They give you a smooth playing and you can feel the quality in your finger.
  • Multi-Color Options- Double sides leather with different colors- Front side:Black,Red,Brown,Red.; Back side- Brown,Light brown.

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