Frequently Asked Questions - Warranty

What does the warranty cover for my Ukulele or Guitar?

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for as long as you own the instrument, subject to certain limitations.

What will Ukunili Music Sdn Bhd do if there's a defect covered by the warranty?

Ukunili Music Sdn Bhd will repair or replace the defective parts of the instrument at their discretion.

What is not covered by the warranty?

Ukulele strings or guitar strings, including string wear and tear, are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, negligence, accidents, modifications, extreme conditions, normal wear and tear, rust, subjective tonal issues, ukulele bags, accessories, or free gifts.

Will Ukunili Music Sdn Bhd be responsible for any damages or losses?

No, Ukunili Music Sdn Bhd, the retailer, and the manufacturer are not liable for any damages or consequential losses

Who is responsible for the shipping costs if I need to send in my instrument for warranty repairs?

You, as the purchaser, are responsible for covering the cost of shipping and postage for repairs or replacements.

What documents do I need to provide for warranty coverage?

You need to include a copy of your original receipt as proof of purchase when requesting warranty coverage.

How long is the warranty for the factory-installed electronics?

The factory-installed electronics are warranted for one year from the original date of purchase.

Does the warranty cover maintenance or adjustments?

No, the warranty does not cover routine maintenance or adjustments.

Who should perform the warranty service?

Warranty service must be pre-authorized and performed by Ukunili Music Sdn Bhd or an authorized service center.