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Double-X Keyboard Stand ONE The Double-X Keyboard Stand ONE supports most keyboards and is double-braced for added stability. Perfect for practice or performance, this stand is adjustable for seated and standing playing positions. Product Specifications Dimensions : 35 x 25-28 x 25-28 cm Weigh t: 2.7kg
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Keyboard Piano Bench Stool Seat Chair Throne Adjustable Portable The Keyboard Bench Piano Stool is the perfect accompaniment to your musical instrument, being stylish and strong. Manufactured from high quality steel, the bench is incredibly strong and sturdy. The bench has a collapsable stand so it is easy to store...
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Guitar Stand Acoustic Guitar Standing Stand Banjo Stand Floor A Guitar Stand Acoustic 3/4 Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand Guitar and Folding Guitar Stand for Acoustic/Bass/Electric Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo Banjo Stand Floor FeatureSafe and Stable - Guitar stands with non-slip feet to prevent your musical instrument from moving around and...