Walter Full Solid Walnut Wood Kalimba

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The Manufacturing for This Item will be done on 19/5. so It is now open for pre order. 
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因为工厂来不急生产。现在改成开放预定。 今天下单 大概 19/5 才能做好好,所以现货需要3/6 之后才能拿到货。


Handmade with high-quality acacia koa wood Kalimba and ore metal tines, acacia koa wood kalimba ’s portamento is persistent and full, if you have higher requirements for sound quality.  Please Choose this product.

  • Brand: Walter
  • Bag: Padded bag (Free)
  • Model: WK-17NWT
  • Size: 120*130*160*250
  • Types: 17Keys
  • Top: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Side: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Back: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Fretboard: Mineral metal
  • Tone: Full bass, clear midrange tone. 100% user satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Free Tune hammer , Stickers.
  • Free Study Guidance: With our professionally produced kalimba learning booklet, it introduces the use and performance method of kalimba in detail.


  • 品牌: Walter
  • 琴包: 高品质琴盒 (免费)
  • 型号: WK-17NWT
  • 尺寸: 35*126*135*185
  • 种类: 17Keys
  • 前面: 全单胡桃木
  • 侧面: 全单胡桃木
  • 后面: 全单胡桃木
  • 琴键: 富稀金属琴键
  • 声音: 饱满的低音、清晰的中高频。保证100%的用户满意度。
  • 免费 调音锤 , 琴键音标贴纸 .
  • 免费 学习手册:通过我们专业制作的kalimba学习手册,它详细介绍了kalimba的用法和表现方法。

FREE a RM 60 Engraving Service 购琴后免费得到价值Rm60 定制专属你的雕刻

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